Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gym vs. Happy hour

Usually after a stressful week, I like to "center" myself with a fruity martini at ritual event I call Happy Hour. Alas, no more drinking the fruity alcoholic drinks for me. Nowadays, it's water and Crystal Light. Neither of which achieve the all important centering. People tell me working out can do the same thing, they're lying. I go to the gym at least twice a week and all I ever get is tired and sweaty.

Although, in the plus category, Joe agrees that a mini vacation to Seattle will be much less expensive than redecorating–I think I scared him when I came home with photos of new furniture on my phone. What can I say, I had 2 hours to waste until Boybat's pack meeting. Hello, furniture stores.

I did a bit of stitching on Lo How a Rose this weekend. I was hoping to get more done but I've hit a road block with it. I don't know that I like the color linen that its on. I'm debating tea dying the whole thing when its done. Maybe that will help tone down the pink, too.

I did get Marriage of the Minds out again. Started filling in the green around the motifs, and stitching the motifs above the path. I want to start on the people right above this, but I've convinced myself that I have to get the green done before I can move on to the next band.

Sorry about the color of the photos, it's late and I was relying on the dining room light.

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