Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bye, Deef. You were a good cat

Tonight sucks. It sucks awful.

Tonight, my cat, Deformity, died. He was 19 years old. He's been my cat since I was in college. He was older than my relationship with Joe. He drooled buckets when you petted him and he loved to crawl into empty laps. He always knew who would pet him, even new visitors to the house. He knew when I was upset and would come and slam his head into my arm until I let him on my lap. He got his name because he had 7 toes on three feet and 6 on the fourth foot.

He stopped eating or drinking last week. Tonight he was still in the same place I left him in the morning. He couldn't get up. Even thinking about it right now hurts.

He was a good cat. I love him.
Bye, Deef.

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