Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pondering Youth and Teeny Tiny Stitches

Things I don't miss from when I was 25

Things I do miss from when I was 25
Good joints

What brings this on you ask?  Just that I think bizarre things when I'm on a treadmill walking nowhere at 2.8 mph. That and I have decided to do this new project on 32 count linen over 1 thread. 

I don't miss thinking that I have to wear uncomfortable clothes to look good. Now, I wear giant, clunky, amazingly comfortable, Frankenstein shoes and pants that I can zip without standing on my head.

I don't miss dating. No explanation here, it was just really hard work which usually ended with sobbing and ice cream.

I don't miss roommates. Although, when I think about it, I technically have roommates, but we are all stuck with each other.

I do miss being able to stay up and out all night doing things that would put me in the emergency room or a coma today. Or, lets face it, just staying up past 10 pm on a Saturday.

I miss being able to get out of bed, walk or work out without sounding like a breakfast cereal or one of those toys Boybat had when he was a toddler. You know which ones, you push along this little clear dome with balls in it and as the toddler walks, the balls jump around and make popcorn noises.

My brain likes to pretend that its 25 sometimes. That is probably why it convinced me that doing 1 over on a 32 count linen would look great. I'm sure this looks great. Maybe someone could let me know, because, damned if I can see it without holding it up to my nose and peering through a magnifying glass. 

However, because I am an delusional masochist, I'm finishing this piece at this size.

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