Thursday, September 3, 2009

You want to drive?

Once, way back in the beginning part of wonderful husband and my courtship, after much bitching and moaning about his driving, he said off-handedly, "If you don't like the way I drive then you do it". And so it has been since that fateful day. I drive. I drive everwhere, including the 12 day Oregon Coast vacation and the 10 day Alberta, Canada vacation (there was much cursing when we hit Edmonton, I'm ashamed to say it–Boybat was in the car at the time–I think that I managed to form whole sentences using nothing but the f-word–Hey, you hit Edmonton at rush hour with no map and two of what seemed like three of the bridges across the river closed). But with a few exceptions, all has been well with this transportation arrangement.

So I chose today to throw a wrench in it.

I gave wonderful husband the keys to the SUV and let him drive us to Wenatchee to pick up Boybat from Nana and Papas home. OK, there were a few ulterior motives here. One, I'm angling for a new car..."Oh, please drive my car and see how much I really need a new one"–picture me doing some Scarlett O'Hara, hand to the brow, drama thing. The other motive is that I wanted to stitch. I was stuck on a part of this pattern that I just didn't want to do. I figure if I'm stuck in the car with nothing else to do for 7 hours, I'll work my way through it and maybe even get through a couple more bands of the sampler.

Jeeze Louise, I WAS WRONG about that equation. I did make it through the difficult part of the pattern but only just. I was putting the finishing touches on it by the time we hit Spokane on our way back home. I can only imagine you sitting there and saying to yourselves..."Good Lord, was she stitching with her eyes closed?" Well, no...but my car tends to bump and shake occasionally and that sure slowed me down.

My new car is going to have a suspension that would rival that mattress on that commercial with the glass of water on one side while the lady is jumping up and down on the other side. I am going to stitch up a storm on car trips!

Unless wonderful husband's driving really pisses me off again and it takes another 11 years 'til I hand over the keys.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I forgot about grown up time

Ahhh, its been really quiet here the last 5 days. Boybat has been in Washington visiting with nana, papa, aunt, uncle, and cousins. The house has stayed clean for close to a week and I havent stepped on a freakin' lego since Friday!

These past 5 days, we've been doing all sorts of things that we dont normally have a chance to do. We went to a great concert out at the Gorge (WooHoo, Nickelback), ate dinner out twice (with MARTINIS) and rented movies we never get to watch (R rated with sex and violence too!) since we're usually asleep right after Boybat goes to sleep.

5 glorious days of NO Spongebob, Ben 10, or Fairly odd Parents (all of which he watches because they're tv shows that I can actually sit through without wanting to gouge out my eyes and stuff them in my ears).

5 days of not having to practically bribe or threatening him to eat his dinner, or put on his nightnight clothes (yes, I said nightnight, what about it?). No arguments with the other little boys in the neighborhood about who's turn it is to play with the big truck.

Calm, quiet discussions between adults without getting interrupted every 2 minutes so the stuffed animal-of-the-day can ask us questions or sing us a song.

THANK GOODNESS WE BRING HIM HOME TOMORROW! I miss all that stuff and the lively, adorable things that he does that sometimes I take for granted. Its nice to have grown-up time, but I'm really ready for family-time again.