Monday, August 24, 2009

What do mean I’m getting Old?

I need reading glasses. Uhhg. Seriously, I think I’m more traumatized by the idea of reading glasses than the weird snapping noises that your joints make in the morning when you're over the age of 35. I wasn’t phased by the idea that my hair (should I ever stop “enhancing” it) is more grey now in the front than my original color. I’m not even that irritated by the crinkly little lines that I’m getting around my eyes, I kinda like them, I tell myself that they add character. No, I’m cranky that I have to carry around 2 pairs of glasses now–which I never remember to do. Which brings me to…TRYING TO STITCH WHILE I WATCH TV. I’m glad that the majority of people I know cant see what I look like when I sit down to my favorite pastime. They would hurt themselves laughing, I think. Generally I’m on my nice, new, recliner sofa with my feet up, TV on a favorite movie or show (right now Its True Blood–Love the books!) mismatched shorts (plaid), t-shirt (baggy and most decidedly NOT any color that matches said oversized plaid shorts), and 2 pairs of glasses. Not one pair of glasses on and another within easy reaching distance, 2 pairs-same time. I have the reading glasses balanced on my nose to make it easy to read those flippin’ tiny symbols on the charts and find the tiny linen threads (I love stitching on linen, so that’s not going to change), and the regular glasses perched on the reading glasses so I can see the television when it sounds interesting, I’m sure that I look like some demented person with my head bent, staring over the reading glasses and through the regular ones. I know what the next logical step is. I just don’t know if I’m ready to take it. I will someday, suck it up, put on my big girl panties and get …BIFOCALS. Sends chills down my back right now to think about it. It would make it easier on my friends when they have to decide whether they should ignore the two pairs of glasses or gently suggest professional help for the eccentric, crazy lady. Oh wait, my friends wouldn’t be gentle about suggesting anything… they’d be turning blue from the lack of oxygen they were getting between the guffaws.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My "Other" Life

Ahhhh, the house chores are done and I've decided I'm not doing the outside chores today. I am going to write this and then get stitching. I want to get a couple more bands done on this project before next weekend. We've got a lot planned in the next few weeks with the weekends packed with fun family stuff, and a visit from a friend I haven't seen in 11 years.
Its right about now in a project that I get distracted. Like right now. I could be stitching , but noooooo. I'm typing, making bread, wondering what to make for dinner, that sort of stuff...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing to do with stitching

Today, on our way to preschool, BoyBat asked me a question.
"How come when I get to be as big as daddy I have to leave the house?"
The first thought that came to me of course was, WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM? Fortunately I was awake enough not to say that out loud. What I did say to him was that when people grow up they want to find their own place to live–dorms, apartments, houses–but that was a long way off, he might find that he wants to find his own place when he gets older.
His next question made me teary eyed and I was in danger of dripping mascara before 7 am (which I think there's some rule against, or should be.)
"Will you love me if live somewhere else?"
Try answering that without a massive makeup mishap.
"I'll love you no matter where you are. You'll always be my little boy, even when you're all grown up" is what I came up with. It was simple and true and poignant as he enters his next milestone in a few weeks, kindergarten.
I never thought that I would be one of those parents who cried when he left for the first day of kindergarten, but maybe I'll leave the mascara off until I get to work that day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Way too busy!

This month it dawned on me that I am WAY TOO BUSY! I haven't had a moment to write a post lately and the minutes here and there that I have had I've been steadily plugging away at the project I started in July.
This week started out with me staying home for 2 extra days to straighten and clean–which I had done the first morning–so I went through a basket filled with patterns, threads, linens and UFOs, and a lot of household detritus at the bottom of the basket (mainly pieces of disassembled Transformer parts courtesy of little one, who has demanded that wonderful husband and I refer to him as BoyBat). I had a lot of fun digging through the layers, finding treasures that I had forgotten about. One of the UFOs is a project that I had designed myself and I'm almost done stitching (it felt like when you find $20 in a jacket pocket that you hadn't worn since last fall!)
I don't remember why I stopped-probably distracted by other shiny objects....but its next on my projects to stitch. Now that boybat is done with t-ball, there might be a little extra time for stitching!