Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing to do with stitching

Today, on our way to preschool, BoyBat asked me a question.
"How come when I get to be as big as daddy I have to leave the house?"
The first thought that came to me of course was, WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM? Fortunately I was awake enough not to say that out loud. What I did say to him was that when people grow up they want to find their own place to live–dorms, apartments, houses–but that was a long way off, he might find that he wants to find his own place when he gets older.
His next question made me teary eyed and I was in danger of dripping mascara before 7 am (which I think there's some rule against, or should be.)
"Will you love me if live somewhere else?"
Try answering that without a massive makeup mishap.
"I'll love you no matter where you are. You'll always be my little boy, even when you're all grown up" is what I came up with. It was simple and true and poignant as he enters his next milestone in a few weeks, kindergarten.
I never thought that I would be one of those parents who cried when he left for the first day of kindergarten, but maybe I'll leave the mascara off until I get to work that day.

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Joe said...

aww... now my eyes are leaking that strange, clear, salty fluid again and I'm not sure why