Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Way too busy!

This month it dawned on me that I am WAY TOO BUSY! I haven't had a moment to write a post lately and the minutes here and there that I have had I've been steadily plugging away at the project I started in July.
This week started out with me staying home for 2 extra days to straighten and clean–which I had done the first morning–so I went through a basket filled with patterns, threads, linens and UFOs, and a lot of household detritus at the bottom of the basket (mainly pieces of disassembled Transformer parts courtesy of little one, who has demanded that wonderful husband and I refer to him as BoyBat). I had a lot of fun digging through the layers, finding treasures that I had forgotten about. One of the UFOs is a project that I had designed myself and I'm almost done stitching (it felt like when you find $20 in a jacket pocket that you hadn't worn since last fall!)
I don't remember why I stopped-probably distracted by other shiny objects....but its next on my projects to stitch. Now that boybat is done with t-ball, there might be a little extra time for stitching!

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