Thursday, July 16, 2009

Package in the mailbox

In my mailbox today was the cross-stitch order I place on Saturday. I love opening these packages up. Looking at the patterns in way better detail than I could on the web, pulling out the fabric to feel the texture and then look at the colors of the floss for the last order’s pattern. This is a never-ending cycle for me.

You see, I order a pattern that I like, but cant find out what floss is needed. If its anything other than DMC, I can pretty much guarantee that I don’t have it! So I have to order floss for the previous pattern and often find a new pattern! I wonder if this is a well thought out plot by the online needlework shops or that it just would take a small army to list the colors needed for every pattern. I’m opting for answer two (I’m keeping my eye on you, you online cross-stitch stores, If I hear evil cackling then I’m changing my answer!! –picture me making the squinty, suspicious, eye face)

I wish that there were more local cross –stitch stores around here. There’s only one that doesn’t require a 4-hour drive. I imagine that its got its good points but I just cant get over the toe licking dog and a proprietress so excited to show you the new items that I don’t have time to look at the patterns. I’m a browser, I like to look and explore. I could very happily sit on the floor and look through boxes of pamphlets, leaflets and booklets for an hour to find the perfect new project. I’m considering bringing wonderful husband and little one with me to run interference, but I’m afraid that the dog might lick them soggy.

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