Monday, July 13, 2009

Little boys and bugs

Today is t-ball day. My little guy LOVES playing and truthfully, I enjoy watching him run from 1st to 3rd only to run back to 2nd or playing outfield (which, for 5 year olds, means watching bugs and picking grass). I’ve never been into sports, my life philosophy has been “Nature bad, Air Conditioning good.” The bugs and I have an agreement, they get to live as long as they don’t come in the house or try to sting me or the little guy. Yet, I enjoy the time I spend outside with him. The idea that he could spend 10 minutes watching a pile of ants working on the sidewalk doesn't phase me a bit because I know he’s enjoying himself.
What does this have to do with cross-stitching your asking yourself? Nothing, except asked myself this morning if it would be rude/wrong to bring my most current project with me? The answer I came up with was “yes.” The little guy deserves some undivided attention.

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Stacy Hudson said...

Doesn't sound very self-absorbed to me? Although the title "blogger" says otherwise. Seriously, this is fun! Good job!