Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Patterns

I started a new pattern this weekend.

Maybe I should restate that. I started a pattern that bought 2 months ago. I had originally intended to take it on vacation with me to work on, but when I’m on vacation with wonderfully patient husband and the little guy I am constantly going. By the end of the day, all I want to do is order pizza (no mushrooms, please) and rest on the polyester bedspread and watch trashy TV (no c-span here!). Since then it has been sitting on my dresser, beckoning to me…”start me, start me, I SAID START ME DAMMIT!” I tried burying it under a pile of clothes that I have yet to get into the dresser, but I still heard it.

I thought about it and decided that what was stopping me from starting it was the idea that I won’t finish it. As I said earlier, I have other “on-hold” projects that date back to before I was even married. I get tired of looking at them and they go in the unfinished project basket with the full intention of finishing them. The regular life of being a mom and a wife and an employee and a freelance designer pushes my “me time” to the back of the list (my “me time” generally consists of either reading–Charlaine Harris right now–and sleeping).

So here’s to starting a new pattern! Boy, I hope I finish it!

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