Saturday, February 26, 2011

Restless Brain Syndrome

I can't get to sleep. I've got restless brain syndrome. It's kinda like restless leg syndrome but it's my brain that keeps twitching. These past two weeks at work have had my brain jumping around like an ant on crack that drank 6 cups of coffee right before bed. Stupid ant. 

As a side note, apparently, when I don't get enough sleep and am stressed, I curse. A lot. I can make entire sentences that are nothing but curse words. It's a talent. I didn't say it was a good talent. Most of Friday consisted of me apologizing to various friends for shocking their delicate sensibilities. 

Disclaimer specifically for Joe–quit reading now, go look at something else.

So here I am, cruising cross stitch websites to look at all the new patterns available. I've already found a few that I'm going to pick up and hide away. "In the Sweet" from La D Da, "Bluebird Alphabet" from Just Nan,  and "Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler" from Shakespeares Peddler are on my list now. 


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