Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop Looking for it

I was going to show the progress on my latest project, but I can’t seem to find the camera.
I know I had it on Monday. I probably put it aside while saying to myself “I’ll remember that I put the camera here.”  Which really means it will be years until I find it again if I keep looking for it, or I’ll find it tomorrow if I stop looking for it.
I have a mental list of things that I should probably stop looking for so I can find them.
As an added level of annoyance, Joe, who can be looking directly at something while he asks me where it is, often knows where the things I mislaid are.  Even if they’re in the most bizarre  places. He knew that the hammer was in the china hutch–I couldn’t tell you why it was there, it probably made sense to me at the time.
Maybe I can show my progress tomorrow after I stop looking for the camera.

Update: This morning I forgot my phone and asked Joe if he saw it. He told me right away, "It's by the camera." Smart ass.

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