Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Puff balls vs. zombie crafts

2 bills, 3 pieces of junk mail, 1 catalog, 2 magazines and a package full of floss, linen and pattern goodies.

Everything I ordered to start "Lo How a Rose" arrived today. I have the book next to me right now and the floss laid out, waiting for me to get going.

After I help glue 100 fuzzy puff balls to a cowboy hat for Boybats' 100 day celebration at school.

100 fuzzy neon puff balls. On a hat. I was all for finding 100 tiny zombie figures and have them marching around but apparently the stores around here do not share my views that zombie hoards could be amusing. Especially when used for first grade craft projects.

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Joe Butler said...

I don't remember hearing the zombie suggestion when we were brainstorming but I like it. They have that zombie terror game at aunties I could have picked up. Oh well, fungal-looking pom poms are fine, let's remember zombies for next year.