Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How many is too many?

I like to have a few projects going at the same time. When I get tired of one I get to work on a different one until I get bored. Its like a big circle, I eventually get back to the first one, and theoretically I should get them all done.

Unless I keep adding new patterns. Damn you, new patterns! I blame you for my short attention span! 

What was I saying? Oh yeah....

Off the top of my head I have 4 rotating projects going right now,  2 that I've designed (here's one of them called Of Thee I Sing) and 2 from other designers (here's another Shepherd's Bush pattern-I've finished all the specialty stitches–Yay for me!). 

I found another pattern that I'm obsessively coveting (I've almost rationalized getting it) and just got another pattern in the mail that I MUST START NOW! If I'm lucky I wont have a piece of linen the right size, which gives me at least another week to get to the cross stitch store in Spokane I discovered this fall.

But for tonight, I must clean my home before the house cleaner comes–it makes sense if you have a house cleaner–you have to clean the big stuff and hide the piles of clean laundry you dont want to fold yet and the mounds of paper that seems to collect on the dining room table. It's not like people eat dinner or anything on the table, do they? 

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