Sunday, January 9, 2011

Done, finished and framed

While I was lounging on the previously mentioned alcoholic, foot fetish planet, I managed to finish a few patterns. Which surprised the hell outta me. Really. I didn't think I was capable of finishing a cross stitch.

Maybe I've matured?

Probably not. I had to finish a few of my WIP's before I could buy new patterns. It has to do with the face that Joe swears he doesn't make, but that I, apparently, hallucinate whenever I touch the debit card.

Get out of my head, you evil, thrifty face!!!

Here's what I've finished. Hellllooo, debit card.

Coffin Buzz
This was a free pattern that I found at from Plum Street Samplers. I coffee dyed the linen a few times until the whole house smelled like coffee. Later that day and into the next I was bouncing off furniture. Apparently you can absorb caffeine through your skin. I'll have to remember that, might come in handy. I only used one color of thread throughout it. 

Pumpkin Hill
This Shepherd's Bush pattern went pretty fast! 
What really made me buy the kit was the colors. The kit had all these wonderful color threads twisted together and I couldn't put it down at the store (Thread Needle Street in Issaquah,WA). The bizarre pumpkin sheep helped too. 

Four Wishes (Just Nan)

This is the pattern that I started the blog with. Toward the end it got hard to work on it. I got distracted by shiny things. No, I'm serious, there are days where I have the attention span of a gnat on crack. 

I think I'll go soak my hands in some coffee.

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