Monday, April 4, 2011

The Evils of Organization

Rainy days rock! They're the perfect excuse for planting your butt on the couch and stitching. Which I did this weekend and managed to finish In the Sweet from La-D-Da. Yay rain!

I also snuck in some cross stitch supplies organization time. Now I have everything in one place, I think. In my house, you never know.

I weeded through a two foot stack of stitching magazines and patterns.

If I hadn't brought all of my cross stitch crap together in one place, I would never have realized that I have more patterns than I could ever stitch in a lifetime. Patterns from 1980, faceless bunnies, things like that. Admitting that I actually bought a pattern with faceless bunnies at one time in my life is embarrassing. There, I got it out in the open (I can live with that shame, but there's absolutely NO WAY I'm going to tell you what "reality" show I'm addicted to. I just can't face the ridicule. I will tell you it has nothing to do with Jersey anything. I do have some standards, even if they're pretty low).

This should probably be considered a parable on the evils of organization. This glut of patterns isn't going to stop me from getting more, I'm just going to convince myself that I'm making room for better stuff.

The lesson, don't organize.


Anonymous said...

It's Real Housewives, isn't it???? ;-)
Love ya.... -Kris

Rhona said...

Cross stitch charts are like blog can never have too many!!