Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eclectic is good

Stitchers are an eclectic lot. Eclectic is good. I love the ones who actually appreciate geekdom and laugh at zombie jokes. The fun thing is, you can't always tell who they are.

At a stitching group I go to once a month, there is a very nice lady who I would have pegged as the kind of woman you would imagine hosting dinners with the right ratio of guests, know where the silverware belongs at a place setting (including the funny little lobster fork), and knows exactly what Miss Manners would do in every situation. I was completely wrong! She got all the geek movie references, laughed at the bizarre jokes with the rest of us. I'm pretty sure she said "damn" a couple of times.

Bad on me for doing the proverbial book cover judgy thing.

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The Queen Bee said...

Ok, so I read your comment on Lee's (Lake Stitcher) blog and I just have to ask... and maybe you can just email me to answer.... grew up in Bradford?? When? Where? (Possibly you are much younger then me...)

I don't want to give all my stats away here and now but we might just have some things in common.....